Linux Operating Systems

The bigger the system, the more important the OS. It takes on bigger responsibilities and is in charge of keeping all other parts of the computer in check—kind of like a police officer. “Something” needs to make sure all of those programs and users don’t get in each other’s way, and that’s where your OS steps up to the plate. Your OS is also critical to security, making sure that only authorized users have access to your system.

OS and Hosts

Linux Operating Systems

Should you choose a Windows or Linux package when selecting a web host? Or is another option a better fit? Will your OS determine what hosting package you can or cannot select? Great news—your OS is “irrelevant” when it comes to selecting a web host provider. You don’t need to find a web host that’s running on the same platform as your own OS.

That means you have choices galore when it comes to your OS and the web hosting package you choose. At SIMPLEXHOST, diversity and choice are key to a great experience.

You determine what kind of operating system you would like to run. CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, Gentoo Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, TurnKey are available free of charge from the control panel. Is your preferred operating system missing? Let us know.

CentOS Operating System


Debian Operating System


Ubuntu Operating System


FreeBSD Operating System


Gentoo Operating System

Gentoo OS

Fedora OS