Dell Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are exactly what they sound like—servers that are dedicated just to you. You buy the servers, which allows you to select exactly which make and model suits you and your business. However, most people don’t have the space, security, technical know-how and time to manage and maintain servers on their own. SIMPLEXHOST dedicated servers are enterprise-ready Dell rack servers that guarantee premium results.

There are many servers on the market. How do you know which is right for you? The experts have already narrowed down the top contenders, and Dell PowerEdge servers come out on top. They are a fantastic solution for enterprise applications, virtualization, databases and web hosting. Featuring Intel Xeon processors and a reliable architecture, the PowerEdge is the number one choice for dedicated server options, and that’s why SIMPLEXHOST chose them.

With a dedicated server you can share, manage and protect your data in one easy to use system.

The Power of Dedication

HP Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are also the biggest potential server investment you can make. Some clients don’t need dedicated servers. Consider your personal blog, small mom and pop shop or your model online retailer with moderate traffic. In these situations, a shared hosting solution is a better fit. However, if you’re an enterprise, you need the speed, security and quality that only a dedicated server can provide.

There are many benefits to dedicated servers, particularly within the PowerEdge series, including:

  • Easy to manage technology: The Dell Lifecycle Controller and full OpenManage suite offers simplified management from anywhere. Remote management allows you to enjoy a virtual office, but with the peace of mind of knowing a team of experts is on hand to protect your server as it rests in your rented rack space.
  • Added business value: Take advantage of the best in sharing, scalability, collaboration and data protection with the dedicated server features of the PowerEdge.
  • Flexible, safe tech: With encryption, data protection features, built-in redundant hard drives and added security, nothing is safer or more flexible than a PowerEdge. It’s how you customize your enterprise architecture to design a solution that suits your business.

The Dell Difference

What makes Dell products so unique? For starters, they feature high-end processing and incredible productivity. Within a virtual environment, databases run on a platform that’s created on hardware for enterprises. However, it doesn’t end there. Add in great web hosting and top of the line customer service from SIMPLEXHOST, and power meets reliability. Dell dedicated servers are just part of the perfect cocktail, albeit one of the most important aspects.

The Dell difference means:

  • All Dell hardware: Dell is renowned for performance and stability.
  • 100 percent reliability: When reliable hardware meets reliable hosting, the benefits are enjoyed by you and trickle down to your own customers.
  • Extra hardware upgrades: You get more options, which leads to more power. It’s the perfect arrangement.
  • Business made easy: When Dell hardware is behind your enterprise, that’s one (big) less thing to worry about.

Select from a variety of Dell servers today. The perfect platform is just a few clicks away. SIMPLEXHOST has dedicated Dell servers at the ready throughout North America, Europe and Asia:

  • New York, New York (USA)
  • Los Angeles, California (USA)
  • Dallas, Texas (USA)
  • London, England (UK)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Paris, France
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • New Delhi, India
  • Shanghai, China
  • Hong Kong, China

Adding a Dell dedicated server is the single best move you can make for your enterprise. Fully customizable, it’s what sets businesses apart. Connect with SIMPLEXHOST today to find out just how easy “commitment” can be.

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