Xen Virtualization

Virtualization can save you money and offer more flexibility. The Xen Paravirtualization (PV) technology features virtual private servers (VPS) that are committed to physical hardware compliments of the host machine. Isolated from any other virtual machines that might be running on the host, this gives customers an experience similar to having a dedicated server managed by professionals. This means almost native performance, especially thanks to PyGrub which is featured on every single VPS. Customers can run their own kernel revisions via their own VPS.

SIMPLEXHOST offers an impressive inventory of operating system (OS) templates, so customers can run the OS they want—with almost instant re-installs. VPS shoppers know what they want and what they deserve. The majority of VPS seekers discover that Xen paravirtualization is their technology golden ticket for best performance. You already know the benefits of virtualization. Take it a step beyond with Xen paravirtualization and enjoy the highest quality performance available.

The Ultimate Package Deal

All SIMPLEXHOST VPS plans are completely un-managed. You’re in charge of the software within your VPS—we’ll manage the hardware and network. This is a partnership built on state of the art technology and mutual desire for the upmost in VPS features. Un-managed hosting keeps costs down while ensuring that every client still enjoys the best in hardware/network management.

ISO installs are standard, and customers have access to the SIMPLEXHOST comprehensive ISO library. Install any OS you desire, customize it to your specific requirements and take advantage of a built-in VNC session. With Xen technology, PV/HVM virtualization offers a completely virtualized and secure platform that’s isolated—complete with direct disk space allocation and RAM.

CP and Guarantees

SIMPLEXHOST Cloud VPS control panel

SIMPLEXHOST Cloud VPS control panel is at your service with simple installs and re-installs. This is where you can manage DNS and rDNS directly, and the SIMPLEXHOST Cloud VPS control panel is designed with a user-friendly approach. Each SIMPLEXHOST VPS offers guaranteed disk space and memory allocation that’s dedicated solely to you. You won’t share it with any other client, which means you’ll get the best in performance and service.

Every plan comes with generous resources. Upgrade or downsize as you see fit—each item is scalable for you and your business. Also, the CPU priority is dictated by your memory

The Xen HVM hardware-assisted experience is the perfect fit for your business. Intel Virtualization Technology (VT) is used, and the hardware-assisted virtual machines work on any and all OSs including Windows. Simply install the OS of your choosing via the .ISO disk images—then access, install or re-install in the control panel with a VNC session.

The ISOs featured in the SIMPLEXHOST catalogue are thorough—but not exhaustive. Want something else? Contact SIMPLEXHOST and it will be added for you. There are over 100 VPS templates ready for you to use. Which one is your perfect match?

Xen KVM VMWare
Paravirtualization (PV)
Full Virtualization (HVM)
Host CPU x86, x86-64, IA-64 x86, x86-64, IA-64, PPC x86, x86-64
Guest CPU x86, x86-64, IA-64 x86, x86-64, IA-64, PPC x86, x86-64
Host OS Linux, UNIX Linux Proprietary UNIX
Guest OS Linux, Windows, UNIX Linux, Windows, UNIX Linux, Windows, UNIX
VT-x / AMD-v Opt Req Opt
Cores supported 128 16 8
Memory supported 4 TB 4 TB 64 GB
3D Acceleration Xen-GL VMGL Open-GL, DirectX
Live migration
License GPL GPL Proprietary