Network and Datacenters

Our state-of-the-art data centers use the latest technology to guarantee powerful performance and availability, offering a level of security consistent with the most severe, a prerequisite standards to host the most critical infrastructure of our customers. Our procedures optimize security without complicating the practical aspects of managing your infrastructure. The data center fully monitored video is guarded 24h / 24 7/7, clients access is controlled, through single-person sas, authenticated by proximity card and biometric recognition.

Our data center having a neutral position with respect to operators, we allow telecom operators to access and benefit from our infrastructure through a dedicated room operator, three adductions optical fiber and a meet-me-room interconnected to all other datacenters. SIMPLEXHOST welcomes core networks of twenty international operators, and so has a wide range of telecommunications operators.

Key points:

  • 4500m2 computer rooms,
  • Architecture choice according to the criticality of your infrastructures: N + 1 or 2N
  • Services: Private cold corridors, roommate

Technical highlights:

  • 4500 m2 of computer space, density of 1.6 kW / m2,
  • Urbanization industrialized at conception, in confined cold corridors,
  • 2 separate high voltage stations each equipped with 2 double current supply 8 MW bypass (4 arrivals in all)
  • 19 inverters with 8.8 MVA capacity of 5 separate electrical channels
  • Data Center with two distinct levels of redundancy: N + 1 or 2N
  • 6 generators N + 1 training with a minimum autonomy of 50 hours at full load
  • Refrigeration production totaling 5 MW chilled water distribution loop,
  • 65 cabinets air conditioning chilled water to 95kW,
  • Specialized Security Team and customer support team provides on-site 24 hours / 24 and 7/7,
  • Video-surveillance, access control badge and biometric fingerprint,
  • Advanced detection system VESDA LASER fire and fire suppression water mist,
  • Access to all operators through our meet-me-room interconnected with all of our datacenters
  • Network Coeur twenty telecom operators.